Selected presentations

The complexity of classification problems
Mathematics department colloquium, Boise State University, April 27, 2016 (slides)

López-Escobar’s theorem and metric structures
AMS special session on descriptive set theory and its applications, Salt Lake, April 9, 2016 (slides)

The TVC and metric structures
Second Vaught’s conjecture workshop, Berkeley, June 2015 (slides)

Generalized Choquet spaces
Boise extravaganza in set theory, Riverside, June 2014 (slides)

Constructing automorphisms of corona algebras
ASL winter meeting, San Diego, January 2013 (slides)

Cardinal characteristics and the Borel Tukey order
CMS winter meeting, Toronto, December 2011 (slides)

Borel morphisms and splitting families
Michigan logic seminar, Ann Arbor, November 2011 (video)

On dimension and Borel reducibility
Workshop on large cardinals and descriptive set theory, Vienna, June 2009 (slides)

Countable Borel equivalence relations and torsion-free abelian groups
AMS special session on model theory and its applications, Wesleyan, October 2008 (slides)

On the classification of torsion-free abelian groups up to isomorphism and quasi-isomorphism
Joint mathematics meetings, San Diego, January 2008 (slides)

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